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Oasis Education Center


Enrich Your life at OASIS

Sponsored by the Macy's Foundation, Suburban Hospital, and The OASIS Institute

What is OASIS?

Suburban Hospital recognizes that mature adults want to continue to grow, learn, and be productive during the best years of their lives. So, Suburban Hospital partnered with Macy's Foundation to proudly sponsor OASIS, a unique educational program serving the needs of older adults. At OASIS, you can enrich your life in many ways:

  • Expand your knowledge;

  • Develop your talents;

  • Stay healthy and active;

  • Meet people who share your interests; and

  • Serve your community.

The OASIS Mission

OASIS is a national education organization designed to enhance the quality of life for mature adults. Offering challenging programs in the arts, humanities, wellness, and volunteer services, OASIS creates opportunities for older adults to continue their personal growth and provide meaningful service to the community. Founded in 1982, OASIS now serves 360,000 members in 23 American cities. The program is nationally sponsored by The the Macy's Foundation, which provides dedicated space for OASIS centers in its stores. Contributions are welcome to support this program.

Click here to see the Web site for OASIS Montgomery, where you can view the online course catalog, join the organization, or sign up to be a volunteer tutor.

OASIS Membership Benefits

  • Participation in all classes, lectures, and discussion groups;

  • Attendance all special events;

  • Enjoy OASIS trips; and

  • Receive a new program catalog three times a year.

Challenging Classes

Here are some of the class offerings at our Montgomery Mall location:

Arts: Creative writing, art history, music and dance;

Humanities: Contemporary issues, history, humor, and book discussions;

Practical Information: Travel, investments, estate planning, legal issues, and overnight trips;

Technology: Computers, digital photography, advanced usage, and shopping on the internet.

Health Promotion

Through a partnership with Suburban Hospital, OASIS offers enlightening programs that help you lead a healthy, active lifestyle. Choose from classes on exercise, nutrition, safety, and health maintenance. Other examples include:

  • Lectures from physicians and healthcare professionals from Suburban Hospital; and

  • Fitness courses, such as bone building, strength, stretch and balance, and yoga.

Rewarding Volunteer Opportunities

Mature adults have a lifetime of experiences and talents to share. At OASIS, you’ll find meaningful opportunities to serve the community and training to help you succeed. Opportunities are available to help manage the educational center, teach classes, and tutor elementary school students.

For More Information

OASIS Montgomery is located in the Macy’s Home Store in Montgomery Mall. The address is 7125 Democracy Boulevard in Bethesda. You can call the office at 301-469-6800, x211.