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Physician Donors


Bethesda Emergency Associates, LLC
    Richard L. Alcorta, MD
    Irfana Ali, MD
    Edward S. Berman, MD
    Brendan Carmody, MD
    Gene Gincherman, MD
    Jamie Kalanter, MD
    Barton Walker Leonard, MD
    Matthew M. Leonard, MD
    Robert W. Lindblad, MD
    Michael Londner, MD
    Paul D. O'Brien, MD
    Tracey Pyles, MD
    Frederick W. Randolph, MD
    Robert J. Rothstein, MD
    Philip L. Strauss, MD
    Frederick Thaler, MD
    Hasitha Wickramasinghe, MD


Drs. Groover, Christie & Merritt
    William Craig, MD
    Bryan DeFranco, MD
    Bradley W. Dick, MD
    Lara B. Eisenberg, MD
    Stephen Fine, MD
    Diana C. Hung, MD
    H. Hannah Kim, MD
    Wayne J. Olan, MD
    Paul D. Radecki, MD
    Judy Song, MD
    Janet M. Storella, MD
    Rhonda Stewart, MD
    Mark Wolfman, MD


Dr. Katherine Alley and Dr. Richard Flax
Sue Bailey, MD
Dr. Brendan Carmody
Diane L. Colgan, MD
Said A. Daee, MD
Dr. Enrique R. and Mrs. Tracy M. Daza
Dr. and Mrs. Keith Horvath
Dr. and Mrs. I. Sidney Jaffee
Dr. Sheilah A. Lynch
Jeffrey P. Muench, MD
Dr. and Mrs. Andrew V. Panagos
Eugene R. Passamani, MD
Dr. and Mrs. Sanford N. Richman
James W. Robey, MD
Gary M. Roggin, MD
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Romeo
Dany Westerband, MD
Dr. and Mrs. Allen Wolland


Dr. Andrejs E. Avots-Avotins, MD, PhD, FACS
Dr. James Bruno and Dr. Coleman Brown
Dr. and Mrs. Jerome G. Green
Drs. Ernest and Susan Hanowell
Kathy Huang, MD
Dr. and Mrs. Stephen S. Pappas
Dr. and Mrs. Douglas R. Rosing
Dr. and Mrs. John S. Saia
Stinson & Greco, PA
    Stephen C. Greco, MD
    Laurie L. Herscher, MD
    Susan F. Stinson, MD
Drs. Trevia Willlis, Maria Wright, and Michael Wright
Pamela A. Wright, MD

Up to $499

Dr. and Mrs. Philip C. Corcoran
Dr. and Mrs. Bryan DeFranco
Dr. Lara B. Eisenberg and Mr. Michael Cotter
Drs. Stephen and Delia Fine
Dr. Roger J. Friedman
Dr. Carolyn B. Hendricks and Mr. Steven Hendricks
Dr. Bradley Hunter
Dr. Aruna Kumar
Dr. and Mrs. Barton Walker Leonard
Dr. and Mrs. Matthew Leonard
Juan Litvak, MD
Melissa L. Means, MD
Drs. Robert and Pamela Rothstein
Dr. Peter B. Sherer
William I. Smith, Jr., MD
Dr. and Mrs. George A. Sotos
Dr. Frederick Thaler
The Orthopedic Center, P.A.
    Sunjay Berdia, MD, MS
    Barry P. Boden, MD
    Sridhar Durbhakula, MD
    Gary Feldman, DPM, FACFAS
    Kenneth Fine, MD
    Leo M. Rozmaryn, MD
    Navinder Sethi, MD
Hasitha Wickramasinghe, MD

We have tried to ensure the accuracy of the list of donors. If we have misspelled or omitted your name, please accept our apologies and contact the Foundation office via email or 301-896-3971.