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Partners in the Promise
Becoming a member of the world renowned Johns Hopkins Medicine in 2009 successfully strengthened Suburban Hospital's vision and promise for the future. At the same time, this momentous event also set the stage for the past 12-18 months of transition for Suburban Hospital, and on a broader scale, for the transformation of quality health care across the region.

Similar to the concept of a "building year" for a sports team, Suburban Hospital embraced 2010 as an opportunity to invest in collaboration, grow personal and organizational relationships, build momentum for the campus enhancement plans, and lay the groundwork for the promise to provide the most advanced medicine in the region.

Through this period of transition, Suburban Hospital continued to benefit from an enduring comm itment of philanthropy. Despite ongoing economic challenges and uncertainty, during 2010, more than 2,600 generous donors joined Suburban Hospital as partners in the promise. Together, they committed nearly $3.5 million to strengthen and support the hospital's programs, services, and staff.

By allowing significant investment in advanced technology, program expansion, and clinical education initiatives, charitable funding helps to assure the best possible health care for our community and beyond.

For your ongoing commitment and support, we offer heartfelt thanks.

Hospital Leadership

Suburban Hospital's Campus Enhancement plans took a giant leap forward with unanimous approval by the Montgomery County Board of Appeals in October 2010. Uniquely positioned to advance quality health care in the region, Suburban's goal is to create a state-of-the-art healing environment that capitalizes on the latest advances in medical research, education, and technology. Learn more about how our visionary strategy, fueled by philanthropy, will combine our long-standing purpose with our outstanding progress. Together, we will create the promise of the best medicine for our community. Visit