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Expanding Access

NIH cardiologist Dr. Richard Cannon and MobileMed volunteers at the MobileMed/NIH Heart Clinic at Suburban Hospital.

Over the past several years, enormous pressure has impacted both the overall economy and the regional healthcare environment, significantly endangering access to high quality primary and specialty care. As part of our commitment to caring for our community, Suburban Hospital dedicated more than $15.8 million to outreach services during 2009. Read our complete 2009 Community Benefit Report online.

In addition to celebrating the two-year anniversary of the MobileMed/NIH Heart Clinic – a volunteer-driven program that has provided expert cardiac care to more than 500 uninsured patients – Suburban Hospital also joined forces with Holy Cross Hospital to open a primary health care center in Gaithersburg. Suburban also integrated more than 200 primary and specialty care physicians into Johns Hopkins Community Physicians, a group practice dedicated to increasing access to quality doctors.