Research Studies at Suburban Hospital

Research Trials: Miscellaneous

Topic Study Name Learn More Principal Investigator
Clinical Center 09-CC-0227 Phenomenological Study of Psycho-Socio-Spiritual Healing in the Context of Chronic or Life Threatening Illness Learn More Ann Berger, M.D.
Clinical Center Remodeling of Chromatin-Based Epigenetic Structures in Development and Aging Learn More Bruce Howard, M.D.
Cardiac Non-Invasive Imaging of Heart Failure Learn More David Bluemke, M.D.
Cardiac Randomized Trial of Imaging Versus Risk Factor Based Therapy for Plaque Regression Learn More David Bluemke, M.D.
Hemolytic Studies of the Natural History of Sickle Cell Disease and Other Hemolytic Disorders Learn More Gregory Kato, M.D.
Hemoaccess Evaluation of a Device that Allows an Arteriovenous Graft to be Turned On for Dialysis then Turned Off Afterward Learn More

Hugh Trout, M.D.