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Patient Navigators

A cancer diagnosis can be overwhelming. You don't have to face it alone...we can help.

A diagnosis of cancer brings many challenges for patients and loved ones.  It is common to feel overwhelmed by the amount of new information, the number of decisions to be made concerning treatment and care, and the uncertainty about which steps to take next or where to go for assistance.

The Suburban Hospital Cancer Care's complimentary Patient Navigator service can help you and your family obtain information, knowledge, support, and guidance needed to manage a cancer diagnosis and treatment.

What is the Patient Navigator Program?

Suburban's Patient Navigator Program is designed to provide support to patients and their families.  With the help of an experienced and professionally trained Oncology Nurse Navigator, patients can deal more easily with the many questions, decisions, and challenges that accompany a cancer diagnosis.

What types of services are provided?

  • Education and research related to diagnosis and/or treatment options, including clinical trials
  • Translating medical terminology
  • Communicating with physicians and other members of the health-care team
  • Obtaining referrals to community services for support groups, transportation, financial assistance, and other concerns
  • Arranging palliative care, hospice, and home health-care services
  • Listening, caring, and helping in a time of need

Who are the Patient Navigators?

Jamie Borns, RN, BSN, works with patients diagnosed with breast cancers. Jamie has more than 30 years of nursing experience and is dedicated to advancing the role of the oncology nurse navigator. She is passionate about providing the highest quality of care and support to cancer patients. Jamie is available by phone at 301-896-6798 or by email at JBorns1@suburbanhospital.org.

Barbara Doherty, RN

Barbara Doherty, RN, BSN, CCM, CHC, PAHM.   Although her primary focus and experience is in the field of colorectal cancer, Barbara works with ALL cancer patients.  Barbara is a Certified Case Manager, Certified Health Coach, and a Professional in the Academy of Healthcare Management with more than 30 years experience in the health care arena.  Barbara believes all patients deserve access to good, quality care.  Utilizing her broad range of experience, she devotes her time helping patients find the services and resources they need during their course of treatment. You can reach Barbara by phone at 301-896-6782 or by email at bdoherty@suburbanhospital.org.

How do I meet with a Patient Navigator?

Patient Navigator services are available by phone or in person at the Johns Hopkins Health Care and Surgery Center on Rockledge Drive in Bethesda.  For an appointment, call 301-896-6782.