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Heart Attack Care

Care Quality Measures
Suburban Hospital
October - December 2013
most recent data
State Average
April 2012-March 2013
last available

National Average
April 2012- March 2013
last available

Aspirin given at discharge
(What this measure means)
100% 99% 99%
PCI given within 90 minutes of arrival
(What this measure means)
100% 92% 95%
Prescripton for statin given at discharge 99% 98% 98%


AMI (Heart Attack)

Immediate transfer to cath lab for angioplasty

What we are doing to improve:

A multidisciplinary team meets regularly to review the care of each patient who has gone to our cardiac cath lab for angioplasty. The goal of the team is to fine-tune the process from arrival to procedure, to assure the process of patient preparation and cath lab team coordination is as efficient as possible to allow the procedure to begin as soon as possible but always within 90 minutes of the patient’s arrival.