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Suburban Hospital Quality of Care

Quality of CareSuburban Hospital is committed to quality in every facet of the healthcare process: care of our patients, service, technology, and environment. Healthcare at its very core is people taking care of people, and we take seriously our responsibility to provide safe, effective medical care in a clean environment. We also take to heart our pledge to provide compassionate care in a patient-centered setting.

Our high level of quality care is important for our patients to understand as they choose a hospital or provider for their healthcare needs. We measure many facets of the quality of our healthcare services every day and report the data regularly to numerous state and national organizations. To help healthcare consumers make an informed choice in the medical arena, Suburban Hospital is proud to share our data here.

As you review the charts and information, know that the numbers are only part of our story. We have a dedicated, caring staff of medical professionals using state-of-the-art technology to serve our patients well.


Gene E. Green, M.D.

President, Suburban Hospital