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New Directions

Issue: Winter 2009 - 2010

Why Suburban?

LeighAnn Sidone, RN, MSN, OCN

I basically began my nursing career at Suburban Hospital and now I am in charge of leading Suburban on a journey to nursing excellence. As Director of Professional Practice and Nursing Quality, I have been given the opportunity to help Suburban Hospital achieve the Magnet model for nursing excellence. Established by the American Nurses Credentialing Center, this designation can only be achieved by creating and sustaining an exemplary nursing practice. It's a big undertaking, but one I feel certain we can achieve because of the talented leadership and skilled nursing staff at Suburban Hospital.


My first experience at Suburban Hospital was as a patient care tech during summers and holidays while I was in nursing school.


Through the years, I held increasingly more challenging roles — moving from a unit charge nurse to head nurse of one department and finally to director of the Oncology and Adult Surgical Units. I continued to care for cancer patients for 17 years. Having the ability to provide support and comfort at the early stages of a cancer diagnosis or at the end of life was a true honor. As a manager, I also had the opportunity to hire new graduate nurses. Watching them grow and become excellent caregivers reminded me of my own experience at Suburban, and how fortunate I was — and still am — to have supportive mentors and teachers. 


Thanks to Suburban Hospital, I was given the opportunity to take my career to another level. I was awarded a scholarship that allowed me to return to school and complete a Masters degree in Nursing. I feel quite confident we will be successful on our journey towards recognition of world class excellence in nursing at Suburban Hospital.



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