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New Directions

Issue: Winter 2009 - 2010

Need a Physician? The Search Just Got Easier

A shortage of primary-care physicians in our region is a problem for patients and health care providers, alike. While patients are concerned that they can't find a doctor, physicians, in turn, are struggling to recruit colleagues to their practices at a time when the supply is diminishing and financial challenges are growing.


"An important part of Suburban Hospital's mission is to ensure there are enough physicians available to serve our community," explains Brian Gragnolati, President. "That's why we try to support our physicians in their efforts to recruit new practitioners to meet the demand. However, an increasing number are finding the private practice model to be unattractive and are choosing, instead, to be employed by multispecialty practices such as Suburban's Premier Physician Group (PPG) and Johns Hopkins Community Physicians (JHCP)."


Improving access to primary-care physicians in the National Capital Region is a strategy that was facilitated when the Suburban Hospital Healthcare System became a member of Johns Hopkins Medicine on June 30. The integration of the two organizations enables the continued growth of JHCP, which currently employs more than 140 physicians who provide community-based medicine in 18 locations spanning 11 Maryland counties, including Montgomery. Recently, Suburban announced its intention to integrate PPG into JHCP by March 1, which will increase the number of physicians to more than 200.


"JHCP's innovative practice-management model makes it possible for physicians like me to focus on the patient, not on running a business," adds Matthew Poffenroth, MD, a Suburban Hospital physician who led the development of the Premier Physician Group and was recently named Regional Medical Director for JHCP in the National Capital Region. "This means I can spend more time diagnosing and treating my patients and coordinating their care through a continuum of services."


Dr. Gene Green, Chief Medical Officer for JHCP, believes that his patients also benefit from information technology that facilitates transfer and review of medical records among the physicians in the group as well as the participating hospitals — The Johns Hopkins Hospital, Suburban Hospital, and Johns Hopkins Bayview. "This streamlined process helps to ensure that everyone involved with the patient's care has fast access to the information they need," explains Dr. Green. "The implications for quality and safety are significant."


JHCP has an office at 14955 Shady Grove Road in Rockville, and most PPG physicians currently practice in offices throughout Bethesda and Rockville. A new Bethesda location on Old Georgetown Road is expected to open in fall 2010. Most commercial insurances are accepted.


For further information or to schedule an appointment: 


Johns Hopkins Community Physicians

14955 Shady Grove Road | Suite 100

Rockville, MD 20850


Or go to: www.hopkinsmedicine.org/jhcp


Premier Physician Group


Or go to:  www.premierphysiciangroup.org/


For a free physician referral to a Suburban Hospital physician, call Suburban On-Call at 301-896-3939 or visit www.suburbanhospital.org/FindDoctor/.

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