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Suburban Hospital Offers Stroke Awareness Ambassador Program
Contact: Ronna Borenstein-Levy
; 301-896-2598 ; rborenstein@suburbanhospital.org

BETHESDA, MD (May 10, 2011) – When the Viscarra family found out their father Enrique Viscarra, Sr., 59 had the symptoms of a stroke, they immediately rushed him to the hospital. Doctors discovered that he suffered a mild stroke. “It was very shocking for my family,” said Enrique Viscarra, Jr., 29. “If I had not participated in the Become a Stroke Awareness Ambassador program, and shared the information I learned with my family, we would not have recognized my dad’s symptoms or known what to do next.”


Suburban Hospital is inviting community members to help spread awareness about stroke by participating in the Become a Stroke Awareness Ambassador program. The program is designed to teach Ambassadors about stroke by providing them with various educational materials, a video presentation and brief lecture by a certified Stroke Awareness Ambassador from Suburban Hospital. Participants are also encouraged to take the information they have learned and relay it on to their respective community members.


“As research continues to advance in the treatment of stroke, education throughout the community has become vital,” said Teresa Morella, stroke coordinator for the stroke program at Suburban Hospital. “The Stroke Awareness Ambassador program allows the medical community an avenue to provide stroke education to our surrounding communities with the hope of raising awareness.”


Ambassadors also learn how to recognize the different types of stroke and how to act fast. “We want our Ambassadors to be well versed in stroke, and teach them how to take active steps in the community to educate others about stroke prevention,” said Teresa Morella.


Certificates are awarded to all participants. To register, call Suburban On-Call at 301-896-3939.


 About Suburban Hospital

Suburban Hospital, a member of Johns Hopkins Medicine, is a not-for-profit, community-based hospital in Bethesda, Maryland, that has served Montgomery County and the surrounding area for more than 65 years. Suburban Hospital is distinguished by a cutting-edge stroke program; level II trauma center; centers of excellence in cardiac care, orthopedics and joint replacement surgery, neurosciences and oncology; state-of-the-art diagnostic and treatment tools; and affiliations with world-class institutions, including the neighboring National Institutes of Health.


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