Ethics Committee

  • The Ethics Committee is available in cases involving individuals with life-threatening conditions.

    • Requests can be made by a:

      • Patient/Attorney/Guardian/Family member

      • Physician/Registered Nurse

      • Social Worker

    • Board consists of:

      • Physician*, Registered Nurse*, Social Worker, Hospital Administrator (*not involved in case)

    • Board consults (when appropriate)

      • Patient's Treatment Team

      • Patient/Family

  • The committee is advisory in nature, unless there is a disagreement on the course of treatment between individuals with equal decision-making responsibility.

    • "After consideration of the issue causing the disagreement, the Committee shall make a recommendation and the patient's physician may act in accordance with the recommendation or transfer the patient to another health-care provider. Pending the transfer, the physician shall comply with the instructions of the surrogate, if the failure to comply would likely result in the death of the patient."
  • The procedure for convening the committee on an ad hoc basis is handled by Outcomes Management at 301-896-3030.