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Washingtonian Names Top Doctors 2014

Congratulations to the region's "Top Doctors" who practice at Suburban Hospital! Washingtonian Magazine sent questionnaires to 8,000 randomly selected area physicians asking them what doctors, in each of 40 specialties, they would send their own families to.

As the Washingtonian article stated: "The doctors listed are not necessarily all of the area's 'best' physicians, and they certainly are not the only good ones. Many first-rate physicians aren’t on the list for a variety of reasons.”

For more information about individual doctors, visit our "Find a Doctor" page, or refer to the Washingtonian Web site.

Scroll down to review the entire list. To see the doctors listed for a particular medical specialty, click on a specialty from the table below.

Allergy Breast Cancer Surgery Cardiac Surgery Cardiology Cardiology: Interventional
Colon and Rectal Surgery Dermatology Endocrinology ENT Family Practice
Geriatrics Gastroenterology General Surgery Gyneconological Oncology Hand Surgery
Infectious Diseases Infertility Internal Medicine Nephrology Neurology
Neurosurgery OB/GYN Oncology/Hematology Ophthamology Orthopedics
Pain Management Pediatrics Rehabilitation Plastic Surgery Psychiatry
Pulmonology Radiation Oncology Radiology: Interventional Rheumatology Spinal Surgery
Sports Medicine Thoracic Surgery Urology Vascular Surgery  

Dr. Shelby H. JosephsNorth BethesdaMD
Dr. Michael Kaliner Wheaton MD
Dr. Vincent Vaghi Rockville MD
Breast Cancer Surgery
Dr. Betsy Ballard Silver Spring MD
Dr. Marie F. Pennanen Chevy Chase MD
Dr. Glenn Sandler Rockville MD
Dr. Pamela Wright Bethesda MD
Cardiac Surgery
Philip C. Corcoran Bethesda MD
Keith A. Horvath Bethesda MD
Michael P. Siegenthaler Bethesda MD
Dr. Helen Barold Washington DC
Dr. Harry J. Bigham, Jr. Bethesda MD
Dr. Edward N. Bodurian Chevy Chase MD
Dr. Carole P. Cardinale Silver Spring MD
Dr. Virginia C. Colliver Bethesda MD
Dr. Sean M. Dwyer Chevy Chase DC
Dr. Gary P. Fisher Chevy Chase MD
Dr. Jack L. Flyer Chevy Chase MD
Dr. Dennis C. Friedman Rockville MD
Dr. Thomas S. Goldbaum Chevy Chase MD
Dr. Frank N. Gravino Silver Spring MD
Dr. Thomas J. Hougen Arlington VA
Dr. Samuel Itscoitz Silver Spring MD
Dr. Aaron Kenigsberg Silver Spring MD
Dr. Robert J. Marshall Chevy Chase MD
Dr. Mark Robert Milner Bethesda MD
Dr. Thomas J. Odar Rockville MD
Dr. R. Oskoui Washington DC
Dr. Richard E. Rubin Chevy Chase MD
Dr. Peter Sabia Silver Spring MD
Dr. Reza Sanai Chevy Chase MD
Dr. Daniel J. Schwartz Bethesda MD
Dr. Herman B. Segal Silver Spring MD
Dr. Scott Shapiro Washington DC
Dr. Sameer Sofat Rockville MD
Dr. Barry S. Talesnick Chevy Chase MD
Dr. James A. Thompson Fairfax VA
Dr. Joseph A. Vassallo Chevy Chase MD
Dr. Richard I. Weinstein Rockville MD
Dr. Joshua S. Yamamoto Chevy Chase MD
Cardiology:  Interventional
Dr. Harry J. Bigham, Jr. Bethesda MD
Dr. Edward N. Bodurian Chevy Chase MD
Dr. David Brill Takoma Park MD
Dr. Yuri Deychak Bethesda MD
Dr. Jack L. Flyer Chevy Chase MD
Dr. Dennis C. Friedman Rockville MD
Dr. Kenneth Kent Washington DC
Dr. Gregory Kumkumian Bethesda MD
Dr. Eric B. Lieberman Silver Spring MD
Dr. Alan I. Schneider Silver Spring MD
Colon and Rectal Surgery
Dr. Bradley H. Bennett Silver Spring MD
Dr. Vivek Patil Bethesda MD
Dr. Susan D. Stein Washington DC
Dr. Allen Wolland Rockville MD
Dr. Emily P. Gerson Bethesda MD
Dr. Mark J. Jaffe Bethesda MD
Dr. Joseph I. Lee Bethesda MD
Dr. Ann M. Lindgren Bethesda MD
Dr.Michael P. Lorek Washington DC
Dr. Andrew Denis Montemarano Bethesda MD
Dr. John F. O'Neill Bethesda MD
Dr. Ronald Prussick Bethesda MD
Dr. Mark L. Welch Bethesda MD
Dr. Beatriz H. Chanduvi Rockville MD
Dr. Michael A. Dempsey Rockville MD
Dr. Michael Emmer Bethesda MD
Dr. Linda Liu Rockville MD
Dr. John J. Merendino, Jr. Bethesda MD
Dr. Helena Rodbard Rockville MD
Dr. Valerie Asher Silver Spring MD
Dr. David Bianchi Silver Spring MD
Dr. Stephen Epstein Rockville MD
Dr. Kenneth W. Hauck Silver Spring MD
Dr. Anthony Lewis Morton Kensington MD
Dr. Eric C. Sklarew Kensington MD
Dr. Mark H. Terris Largo MD
Family Practice
Dr. Mindi Cohen Rockville MD
Dr. Kelly Joyce Cowen Rockville MD
Dr. Joanna M. Delaney Kensington MD
Dr. Terri Esterowitz Rockville MD
Dr. Tibor Frekko Gaithersburg MD
Dr. Linda J. Goldberg Rockville MD
Dr. Praveen K. Gupta Rockville MD
Dr. Bradley James Hunter Kensington MD
Dr. Erica W. Hwang Bethesda MD
Dr. Thomas J. McNamara Bethesda MD
Dr. Alan R. Morrison Washington DC
Dr. Steven M. Schwartz Kensington MD
Dr. Felix B. Sokolsky Rockville MD
Dr. Linda Thompson Bethesda MD
Dr. Loreto S.Albio Bethesda MD
Dr. Roy E. Fried Bethesda MD
Dr. Ava A. Kaufman Bethesda MD
Dr. Lila McConnell Chevy Chase MD
Dr. Michael B. Albert Washington DC
Dr. Ajay Bakshi Bethesda MD
Dr. George Bolen Bethesda MD
Dr. David Doman Silver Spring MD
Dr. Richard L. Gelfand Bethesda MD
Dr. Naveen K. Gupta Bethesda MD
Dr. Robert Hardi Chevy Chase MD
Dr. Kathryn E. Kirk Chevy Chase MD
Dr. Jessica D. Korman Washington DC
Dr. Michael J. Schwartz Chevy Chase MD
Dr. Jatinder S. Sekhon Rockville MD
Dr. William M. Steinberg Rockville MD
General Surgery
Dr. Betsy Ballard Silver Spring MD
Dr. Jason A. Brodsky Rockville MD
Dr. Craig Colliver Rockville MD
Dr. Juvenal R. Goicochea Bethesda MD
Dr. Ernest D. Hanowell Bethesda MD
Dr. Alan B. Kravitz Rockville MD
Dr. Berny J. Kreutz Bethesda MD
Dr. Glenn Lewis Sandler Rockville MD
Dr. Thomas G. Zorc Chevy Chase MD
Gynecological Oncology
Dr. James F. Barter Rockville MD
Dr. Annette Bicher Bethesda MD
Dr. Albert J. Steren Rockville MD
Hand Surgery
Dr. Sunjay Berdia Rockville MD
Dr. Edward J. Bieber Bethesda MD
Dr. Mahidar Durbhakula Bethesda MD
Dr. Mustafa A. Haque Chevy Chase MD
Dr. David Phillip Moss Chevy Chase MD
Dr. Harrison Solomon Kensington MD
Infectious Diseases
Dr. Mark R. Abbruzzese Bethesda MD
Dr. Sameh A. Aly Rockville MD
Dr. Miriam L. Cameron Rockville MD
Dr. William A. Davis Bethesda MD
Dr. Ruth M. Jacobs Rockville MD
Dr. Charles S. Levy Washington DC
Dr. Puran P. Mathur Rockville MD
Dr. Lynette H. Posorske Silver Spring MD
Dr. Michael Sauri Rockville MD
Dr. Phuong D. Trinh Silver Spring MD
Dr. Rafat A. Abbasi Arlington VA
Dr. Frank E. Chang Rockville MD
Internal Medicine
Dr. Brent A. Berger Bethesda MD
Dr. Ira Berger Rockville MD
Dr. Brent K. Cole Chevy Chase MD
Dr. Delia Roddy Fine Bethesda MD
Dr. Rebecca Musher Gross Kensington MD
Dr. Erica W. Hwang Bethesda MD
Dr. Sue D. Kanter Bethesda MD
Dr. Ava Kaufman Bethesda MD
Dr. Patricia D. Kellogg Rockville MD
Dr. Shishir Khetan Rockville MD
Dr. Konstantin A. Khludenev Rockville MD
Dr. Le Le Luu Rockville MD
Dr. Lila T. McConnell Chevy Chase MD
Dr. Thomas J. McNamara Bethesda MD
Dr. Irving Mizus Kensington MD
Dr. Alan R. Morrison Washington DC
Dr. Lee R. Pennington Bethesda MD
Dr. Jose Quiros Bethesda MD
Dr. Sharon Scanlon Chevy Chase MD
Dr. Phyllis Schreiner Rockville MD
Dr. Alan R. Sheff Bethesda MD
Dr. William Silverman Rockville MD
Dr. Raymond A. Bass Wheaton MD
Dr. Steven A. Burka Chevy Chase MD
Dr. Barry Hecht Wheaton MD
Dr. Stephen M. Hellman Rockville MD
Dr. A. Kaldun Nossuli Bethesda MD
Dr. Jeffrey A. Perlmutter Rockville MD
Dr. Philip J. Schwartz Rockville MD
Dr. Gail L. Seiken Bethesda MD
Dr. Stephen Vaccarezza Rockville MD
Dr. Katherine Coerver Chevy Chase MD
Dr. Ezra D. Cohen Rockville MD
Dr. Kenneth W. Eckmann Wheaton MD
Dr. Albert Peter Galdi Rockville MD
Dr. Kalpana M. Hari Hall Washington DC
Dr. Rakesh Jaitly Kensington MD
Dr. Eric M. Jeffries Wheaton MD
Dr. David Katz Bethesda MD
Dr. Nirjal K. Nikhar Bethesda MD
Dr. David Satinsky Rockville MD
Dr. James Yan Rockville MD
Dr. Anthony J. Caputy Washington DC
Dr. Jeff Jacobson Bethesda MD
Dr. Zachary T. Levine Bethesda MD
Dr. Alexandros D. Powers Bethesda MD
Dr. Frederic T. Schwartz Chevy Chase MD
Dr. Luciano R. Belizan Rockville MD
Dr. Imad S. Mufarrij Bowie MD
Dr. James S. Powers Chevy Chase MD
Dr. Diane J. Snyder Rockville MD
Dr. Carolynn M. Young Rockville MD
Dr. Manish Agrawal Rockville MD
Dr. Cheryl A. Aylesworth Wheaton MD
Dr. Paul A. Bannen Olney MD
Dr. Frederick G. Barr Chevy Chase MD
Dr. Ralph V. Boccia Bethesda MD
Dr. Linda M. Burrell Wheaton MD
Dr. Nicholas J. Farrell Rockville MD
Dr. Kashif Alam Firozvi Silver Spring MD
Dr. Ari D. Fishman Chevy Chase MD
Dr. Joseph M. Haggerty Rockville MD
Dr. Carolyn B. Hendricks Bethesda MD
Dr. Leon Christopher Hwang Gaithersburg MD
Dr. Bruce R. Kressel Washington DC
Dr. Giselle M. Mery Rockville MD
Dr. Victor M. Priego Bethesda MD
Dr. Frederick Pearson Smith Chevy Chase MD
Dr. George A. Sotos Rockville MD
Dr. Paul M. Thambi Rockville MD
Dr. John M. Wallmark Rockville MD
Dr. Rosalie L. Bair Bethesda MD
Dr. James M. Heltzer Bethesda MD
Dr. Harry H. Huang Bethesda MD
Dr. David F. Plotsky Bethesda MD
Dr. Alan J. Pollack Alexandria VA
Dr. Elaine Ziavras Largo MD
Dr. Philip D. Bobrow Chevy Chase MD
Dr. Christopher J. Cannova Bethesda MD
Dr. Maurice Cates Rockville MD
Dr. Sridhar Durbhakula Rockville MD
Dr.Christopher Farrell Germantown MD
Dr. Antoni B. Goral Kensington MD
Dr. Daniel J. Pereles Kensington MD
Dr. Christopher Raffo Bethesda MD
Dr. Stephen J. Rockower Rockville MD
Dr. William J. Sadlack Bethesda MD
Dr. Kurt C. Schluntz Bethesda MD
Dr. Philip L. Schneider Kensington MD
Pain Management
Dr. Babak Arvanaghi Bethesda MD
Dr. Mehul J. Desai Silver Spring MD

Dr. John Dombrowski

Washington DC
Dr. Leah Brasch Chevy Chase MD
Dr. Linda Goldstein Chevy Chase MD
Dr. Ziad H. Idriss Bethesda MD
Dr. George M. Korengold Potomac MD
Dr. Kathleen Fink Bethesda MD
Dr. Marc Grossman Rockville MD
Dr. Mark D. Klaiman Bethesda MD
Dr. Andrew V. Panagos Bethesda MD
Plastic Surgery
Dr. C. Coleman Brown Chevy Chase MD
Dr. Diane L. Colgan Potomac MD
Dr. Jules Alexander Feledy, Jr. Chevy Chase MD
Dr. Douglas L. Forman North Bethesda MD
Dr. Roger Friedman North Bethesda MD
Dr. Kathy Huang North Bethesda MD
Dr. Anne M. Nickodem Annandale VA
Dr. Roger J. Oldham Bethesda MD
Dr. Jeffrey Posnick Chevy Chase MD
Dr. Paul Gray Ruff, IV Washington DC
Dr. Wagdi Attia Gaithersburg MD
Dr. Gita C. Bakshi Bethesda MD
Dr. Joseph A. Ball Gaithersburg MD
Dr. Ira Berger Rockville MD
Dr. Alan S. Chanales Rockville MD
Dr. D. Scott Cohen Chevy Chase MD
Dr. Peter G. Hamm Chevy Chase MD
Dr. Steven T. Kariya Kensington MD
Dr. Steven D. Lerner Washington DC
Dr. Frank J. Mayo Gaithersburg MD
Dr. Allyson Mirabella Largo MD
Dr. Carlos E. Picone Chevy Chase MD
Dr. Alan R. Pollack Rockville MD
Dr. Luis G. Ruiz Largo MD
Dr. Carl I Schoenberger Gaithersburg MD
Dr. Michael N. Solomon Chevy Chase MD
Dr. Jay H. Weiner Kensington MD
Radiation Oncology
Dr. Stephen C. Greco Bethesda MD
Dr. Sheela Modin Silver Spring MD
Dr. Susan F. Stinson Bethesda MD
Radiology: Interventional
Dr. Bradley W. Dick Bethesda MD
Dr. Brian G. Johnson Washington DC
Dr. Christopher P. Rothstein Washington DC
Dr. Madalene K. Greene Bethesda MD
Dr. Deborah S. Litman Chevy Chase MD
Dr. William W. Mullins, Jr. Bethesda MD
Dr. Anu Sharma Rockville MD
Spinal Surgery
Dr. Edward F. Aulisi Washington DC
Dr. Ira Fisch Bethesda MD
Dr. Michael E. Goldsmith Chevy Chase MD
Dr. Jeff Jacobson Bethesda MD
Dr. Alexandros D. Powers Bethesda MD
Dr. Philip L. Schneider Kensington MD
Dr. John K. Starr Chevy Chase MD
Sports Medicine
Dr. Barry P. Boden Rockville MD
Dr. Daniel J. Pereles Kensington MD
Dr. Kurt C. Schluntz Bethesda MD
Thoracic Surgery
Philip C. Corcoran Bethesda MD
Barry J. Levin Bethesda MD
Dr. Robert L. Goldman Wheaton MD
Dr. Murray Lieberman Bethesda MD
Dr. Juan P. Litvak Bethesda MD
Dr. Bart Radolinski Bethesda MD
Vascular Surgery
Dr. Louis Kozloff Bethesda MD
Dr. Garry Ruben Silver Spring MD
Dr. Hugh H. Trout, III Bethesda MD