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Meet Our Hospital-Based Physicians


During your stay at Suburban Hospital, your care may be coordinated by a specially trained practitioner known as a hospitalist.

These medical professionals:

• Are practitioners who are board certified in Internal Medicine;

• Specialize in caring specifically for hospitalized patients; and

• Work in concert with your primary-care physician while you are hospitalized.

Johns Hopkins Community Physicians (JHCP) hospitalists provide coordinated, inpatient care at Suburban Hospital.  Our hospital-based practitioners strive to communicate regularly with patients, family members, the patient’s primary care physician and any necessary specialists to provide a coordinated, seamless interaction.

From the time a patient is admitted into the hospital to the time that patient is discharged, a hospitalist works closely with the patient and the other physicians involved in his or her care to coordinate all aspects of the hospital stay.

There are three main ways in which a hospitalist will support and manage your care:

• The hospitalist will conduct an initial evaluation and admit you to the hospital on behalf of your primary-care doctor.

• The hospitalist will analyze your medical issues and determine the appropriate course of treatment.

• The hospitalist will be available to communicate with your primary-care doctor.  The hospitalist will coordinate care with the nurses; work closely with specialists, if necessary; and keep you and/or your family informed during your hospital stay.

You can expect that a hospitalist will visit you each day you are in the hospital.  Please know that you may be visited by another practitioner from the hospitalist group if he/she is covering your assigned hospitalist.

The best way to communicate with your hospitalist is during your daily visits with him/her.  Your hospitalist is your best resource for routine questions or issues.  To get the most out of your visit with a hospitalist, you may want to write down any questions/concerns to discuss during these visits. Should you or your family need to speak with your doctor during your stay, please ask your nurse to contact him/her for you.

When your hospitalist has determined that you are ready for discharge, he/she will discuss your discharge instructions, any outpatient treatment plans and
any necessary prescription medications with you and/or your family.  The hospitalist will also be available to discuss these recommendations with your primary-care physician.  If you have any medical questions after your discharge, please contact your primary-care physician.


Eric Park, M.D.

Medical Director

Atul Rohatgi, M.D.

Medical Director 


Leigh Bornstein, M.D.

Barbara Chalom, PA

Anitha Chetty, M.D. Dan Danila, M.D.
Sandra Delistathis, M.D.

David Guevara, M.D.

Natasha Haag, M.D. Yuneng Li, M.D.

Paula Marchetti, PA Shanthi Nadar, M.D.

Lori Pihl, M.D. Babak Pirouz, M.D. 

Sudarshan Siva, M.D.  Natalia Vasquez, M.D.

Kimberly Zuzak, M.D.