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Podcast With Dr. Bart Radolinski and Dr. Stephen Greco

Dr. Radolinski and Dr. Greco

Click the "Play" button in the media player below to listen to a podcast with Dr. Bart Radolinski (right), urologist, and Dr. Stephen Greco (left), radiation oncologist.

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Program notes:
0:12 Prostate cancer and robotic surgery
1:00 Who wouldn’t be a candidate for robotic surgery?
2:00 Device offers dexterity and largely avoids transfusion
3:07 Regardless of the tools an experienced surgeon will give a good result
4:12 It’s difficult to decide who to treat and who not to treat
4:43 Radiation therapy can be an important part of therapy
5:30 For prostate cancer the patients are more and more savvy
6:16 We’re fortunate at Suburban because I see patients up front
7:06 We’re seeing more patients electing surgery
8:05 Majority of people when they’re older can watch and wait
9:12 End