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Pharmacy Residency Program

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Thank you for your interest in the Pharmacy Practice Residency Program at Suburban Hospital. A 222-bed community hospital, Suburban Hospital, a member of Johns Hopkins Medicine, sets the highest standards in healthcare, serving Montgomery County and the surrounding area with clinical excellence and compassionate patient care. The Pharmacy is under the direction of Jennifer Raynor, RPh, Director of Pharmacy Services, while the Residency Program is led by Karen Michaels, PharmD, Residency Director. The Pharmacy has academic affiliations with the University of Maryland and affiliations for elective rotations at Johns Hopkins Hospital, Children's National Medical Center and Georgetown University Hospital.

Our department is committed to delivering a top-quality Residency Program. Our residents will become confident, knowledgeable practitioners equipped with the skills to meet the challenges facing pharmacy practice now and in the future. Our residents will grow in confidence and knowledge and will be responsible for achieving optimal drug therapy outcomes as members of our healthcare team. They will demonstrate proficiency in educating other healthcare professionals, patients, and the community on pharmacy-related topics.

Choosing your residency program is an important professional decision and an investment in your future. We appreciate that you have decided to learn about Suburban Hospital’s Residency Program and look forward to receiving your application.

Goals and Objectives

Upon completion of this ASHP-accredited Post-graduate year one Pharmacy Practice Residency (PGY1) residency, residents will have grown in knowledge, confidence, and compassion. They will function as valuable members of the healthcare team with the ultimate goal of providing optimal pharmaceutical care to patients. Residency graduates will demonstrate time management and independent thinking skills that will make them leaders within their practice setting and the profession.

Upon completion of this residency, residents will:

1. Participate confidently and effectively as a member of an multidisciplinary health care team to provide evidence-based, patient-centered medication therapy management services

2. Demonstrate professional leadership skills to assure the optimal use of medications in a community hospital setting

3. Possess the knowledge and experience to provide comprehensive pharmaceutical care to a variety of populations and effectively manage one’s practice

4. Educate patients, physicians, and other health care professionals regarding the optimal use of medications

5. Utilize medical informatics to make informed patient-specific treatment recommendations, to prevent adverse outcomes related to medications, and to assist with formulary decisions and protocol development

6. Exhibit professionalism, behave with empathy and maturity in interpersonal and inter-professional interactions, and exercise appropriate critical thinking skills and judgment in the performance of all duties


Each resident will deliver formal presentations, actively contribute to case study presentations and clinical teaching. Residents will also teach various health professionals and precept pharmacy students on clinical rotations.  Residents also will have the opportunity to earn a teaching certificate from the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy.


Research skills are an essential component of Suburban Hospital’s residency program. Each resident will complete a research project suitable for publication and/or presentation in a selected area of pharmacy practice.

Required Rotations

  • Internal Medicine — Provide care to internal medicine patients by contributing to multi-disciplinary daily rounds, performing daily patient review, managing pharmacokinetics, dosing warfarin, patient counseling and antibiotic streamlining.

  • Critical Care — Provide care to patients in the Intensive Care Unit. Attend and contribute to daily multi-disciplinary rounds.  Mange pharmacokinetics and warfarin dosing for patients in the Intensive Care Unit. Design, recommend, and evaluate patient specific pharmaceutical care plans.

  • Oncology — Provide residents with a basic understanding of oncologic therapeutics and expertise in overall management of patients with malignancies.

  • Infectious Disease — Provide care to patients followed by specific Infectious Disease Physicians. Residents will round on patients with the Infectious Disease Physicians and manage pharmacokinetics for these patients.

  • Emergency medicine — Provide care to patients admitted into the Emergency Department. The resident will be trained to work efficiently and effectively in Suburban Hospital's Emergency/Trauma Center by reviewing and evaluating the appropriateness and safety of medications prescribed. Residents will also respond to critically ill patients as needed.

Required Longitudinal Rotations

  • Management — Provide the resident with functions/tasks commonly associated with the department director and/or supervisors.  This includes review of financial data and appropriate management/oversight of resources, in addition to daily operational issues associated with the day to day functioning of the department.

  • Drug Information — Provide support to the hospital by providing information and expert advice about the appropriate use of drugs.

  • Ambulatory Care — Provide care and counseling during this longitudinal rotation to patients at an off-site clinic. The resident will be able to develop and enhance skills related to Medication Therapy Management (MTM) and Diabetes Education.

  • Anticoagulation – Provide dosing expertise and counseling to in-patients regarding anticoagulation. Residents will evaluate patient-specific benefits and risks of the identified therapeutic plan in a coordinated approach and facilitating management of anticoagulation dosing.

Elective Rotations

  • Open Heart/Cardiology — Provide care to open heart/cardiac patients by monitoring labs/cultures daily, review physician orders and notes daily, manage cardiac pharmacokinetics, communicate recommendations to the team or other staff physicians.            

  • Psychiatry — Provide care to mental health patients by monitoring labs/cultures daily, review physician orders and notes daily, manage pharmacokinetics, communicate recommendations to the team or other staff physician.

  • Informatics Technology Provide support to our Informatics Pharmacist by becoming involved with the development and maintenance of the pharmacy and hospital computer systems and the interfaces between the applications.

*Certain required rotations can be extended.
*Offsite elective rotations may be arranged with affiliated hospitals.

Salary and Benefits

Pharmacy residents receive a salary from Suburban Hospital as well as all benefits collected by full-time employees. These include medical, dental, and life insurance, Metrorail subsidy, and more. For more information about benefits, click here.

Paid Time Off

Residents accrue paid time off (PTO) according to the Suburban Hospital policies and procedures. PTO can be used for seminars, interviews, vacation, or sick time.

Application Information

To apply for the residency, your completed application must include:

  • A signed application form;

  • A Suburban Hospital online application. Click here to complete the online application and use “Pharmacy” in the key word search).  Please note:  Suburban Hospital's online application is an internal document and cannot be downloaded into PhORCAS.

  • Official transcripts from all professional pharmacy education programs;

  • A copy of your current curriculum vitae or resume;

  • Recommendations from three references;

  • Your personal statement / cover letter.

A completed application file is necessary before scheduling an onsite interview. The complete file includes receipt of the items listed above, no later than December 31 of each year.

Applicants are encouraged to submit application documents using PhORCAS.

Please complete and send your application materials to:

Karen Michaels, PharmD

Residency Program Director

Jasmine Sudhakar, PharmD
Residency Program Coordinator

Suburban Hospital

Pharmacy Department

8600 Old Georgetown Road

Bethesda, MD 20814

301-896-2074 (phone)

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