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Becoming A Part Of The Family

I became a Human Resources professional in 1996 working for The Discovery Channel. I left to explore an opportunity with a health care organization. I had no idea I would have stayed at that hospital for 12 years, working in HR. After working for another hospital in Montgomery County for so long, I thought it was time to make a change.

I had taken some time off to regroup, but after a few months it was finally time to start searching for a new “Work home.” I had just started my job search when I received a call from an agency that saw my resume posted online. They were looking for someone to come and work for Suburban Hospital for a 3-month assignment. I thought, “Why not?” I was definitely looking for something permanent but I also wanted to get back into the hospital setting. I had been in my current position for 12 years and working for a healthcare organization was what I had become used to and familiar with so I gladly accepted.

Soon after accepting the position, I received some devastating news that involved my close family member and I wondered if I was making the right decision to start this new job. I made my new department aware of the changes that were about to take place in my life having to deal with a sick family member and they still welcomed me with open arms. I came in for my first day of work as a temporary employee and everyone was so nice and willing to help me achieve my goals in any way possible. They made me feel right at home, it felt like I had known them forever and by the end of my 3-month assignment; I knew that I wanted to be here on a long term basis. I really started to connect with my new HR team and with my managers over the past three months. I was really sad to see my assignment coming to an end. As luck would have it, or shall I say “Fate,” the recruiter that I was replacing on a temporary status decided that she would not be returning so I was able to stay here with my HR family.

I have enjoyed my transition from one hospital organization to working here at Suburban Hospital. It makes me proud to be involved with a community-based hospital that is focused on providing exceptional care to our patients and their families. It is very rewarding to me as an HR professional to be able to hire the best nurses and techs to join this great team of health care professionals who have the same goals and visions that this organization strives to achieve each day.

Veronica Perrow
Human Resources