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Suburban Hospital Breast Center

Suburban Hospital's comprehensive breast care program is setting the standard for excellence in the Washington Metropolitan area. Working in partnership with patients, the breast care physicians and staff deliver expert and compassionate clinical care, in a timely fashion, using state-of-the-art technology and a multidisciplinary, coordinated approach. By working collaboratively to be at the forefront of breast care education and research, Suburban helps to ensure that patients have the best opportunities in the detection and treatment of breast cancer.

Front row, l-r: Laurie Herscher, M.D., radiation oncologist; Susan Stinson, M.D., radiation oncologist; medical director, Cancer Program; Pamela Wright, M.D., breast surgeon, medical director, Breast Center; Hannah Kim, M.D., radiologist; Carol Hendricks, M.D. , medical oncologist; Back row, l-r: Marie Pennanen, M.D., breast surgeon; Barbara Squiller, CRNP, manager of research and care coordination; William Smith, M.D., pathologist; Susan Jacobstein, LCSW-C, oncology clinical social worker; Rebecca Trupp, RN, oncology nurse navigator; Melissa Hyman, RN, research nurse; Shannon O'Connor, M.D., medical oncologist; John Wallmark, M.D. medical oncologist; Marie Ronick, cancer liaison; Judy Macon, RN, manager, cancer outreach and education; Shaina Winternitz, coordinator, cancer outreach & education; Ann McKeown, PA-C; Judy Song, M.D., radiologist.


Why Choose Suburban Hospital?

  • Suburban Hospital Cancer Care program treats more than 300 breast cancer patients annually, more than any other hospital in Montgomery County. 

  • Suburban Hospital is recognized by the Commission on Cancer of the American College of Surgeons as a provider of high quality, comprehensive cancer care. Only one in four hospitals that treat cancer receives this special approval.

  • With quality, coordinated care, compassion, and expertise, we set the standard for excellence in breast cancer care and treatment.

Highly-Qualified, Multidisciplinary Team

The hallmark of breast care and treatment is our integrative teamwork approach and our biweekly multidisciplinary conferences. Under the leadership of Dr. Susan Stinson, Medical Director of the Cancer Program; Dr. Pamela Wright, Medical Director of Breast Service; and Dr. Katherine Alley, Medical Director Emeritus, patients have access to a team of highly qualified health-care providers. Our patients are empowered to be an active participant on their treatment team. Other team members include:

  • diagnostic radiologists,

  • breast surgeons,

  • medical oncologists,

  • radiation oncologists,

  • plastic surgeons,

  • pathologists, and

  • oncology nurses and social workers.

Upon initial diagnosis of breast cancer, and continuing throughout the treatment process, this team of specialists works collaboratively to determine optimum plans of care. 


With the most modern technology, our physicians are able to better diagnose and treat breast cancer. Radiologists at the renowned Groover, Christie and Merritt Radiology Practice perform:

  • Digital mammography using computer-aided diagnosis (CAD),

  • Breast magnetic resonance imaging (MRI),

  • Breast ultrasound,

  • PET/CT scans,

  • Stereotactic core biopsies,

  • Ultrasound-guided biopsies, and

  • MRI-guided biopsies.


Ingrid Persaud, RT, Breast Imaging Manager and Janet Storella, MD, GCM/Suburban Imaging


You don’t have to travel great distances to your caregivers. For patients whose treatment plans include surgery, radiation oncology, chemotherapy infusion, or in-patient care, Suburban Hospital provides a broad scope of oncology services conveniently located in the Suburban Outpatient Medical Center and the main hospital facility. 

Coordinated Care

Each patient will have access to Suburban Hospital's Coordinated Care program.

Rebecca Trupp, RN, OCN, CBPN-IC.  Becky works with patients diagnosed with breast and gynecologic cancers. She is certified in oncology nursing by the Oncology Nursing Society and in patient navigation for breast cancer patients by the National Consortium of Breast Centers. Becky is dedicated to advancing the role of the oncology nurse navigator and is the vice president and co-founder of the National Coalition of Oncology Nurse Navigators (NCONN). She is passionate about providing the highest quality of care and support to cancer patients. Becky is available by phone at 301-896-6798 or by email at rprice@suburbanhospital.org.


Becky Trupp

Clinical Trials

Many of our patients are eligible for national clinical trials. Several protocols are offered through Suburban Hospital’s affiliation with the National Cancer Institute.  For more information about eligibility contact Barbara Squiller, RN, CRNP, at 301.896.2719 or click here.

Rehabilitation Services

Our association with National Rehabilitation Hospital (NRH) gives our patients direct and convenient access to outpatient rehabilitation services. NRH-Suburban provide services designed to help cancer patients address potential complications, such as lymphedema, daily living issues, physical activity and exercises.

Genetic Counseling and Cancer Risk Assessment

Individuals — whether because of family history or factors such as abnormal breast biopsy results — may be at an increased risk to develop breast or ovarian cancer.  Below are factors that may increase your risk:

  • Personal or family history of breast cancer diagnosed before age 50;

  • Personal or family history of ovarian cancer diagnosed at any age;

  • Diagnosis of breast and ovarian cancer in the same woman;

  • Personal or family history of male breast cancer;

  • Breast and/or ovarian cancer in multiple generations;

  • Membership in a population known to carry a founder mutation (such as the Ashkenazi Jewish population); and/or

  • Personal history of an abnormal breast biopsy (atypical hyperplasia or lobular neoplasia, for example).

If you have one or more of these factors, you may wish to make an appointment for a cancer risk assessment. Suburban Hospital’s Risk Assessment team is available to answer questions and provide assistance. For more information, contact Judy Macon at jmacon@suburbanhospital.org or 301-896-2445. Please note: These risk factors are only guidelines. Your individual risk may depend on other factors. 

Speakers Bureau

If you need a speaker or health fair representative, we can help. Suburban Hospital can arrange for a health-care professional to speak to your business meeting or organization free of charge. We can also assist you with community health fairs. For more information, call 301-896-3021.